IMD Competitiveness World Ranking


The world competitiveness ranking of the International Institute for Management Development

The Global research and accompanying ranking of the countries in terms of economic competitiveness.

It is calculated in accordance with Europe’s leading Management Institute - International Institute for Management Development (IMD), based in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Annual analytical study of the competitiveness is being carried out by the Institute since 1989, in collaboration with research organizations in the world.

To date, the publication of the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook - one of the most comprehensive studies on the competitiveness problems of the states and regions, which in some countries is used for public policy development and the identification of further government actions to improve the competitiveness of the national economy, as well as strategic business decisions in large companies.

For each of the economies covered by the study, the report contains detailed descriptions of the country and the national economy with details of the outcome of the overall position in the rankings and the most prominent competitive advantages and disadvantages that have been identified on the basis of the analysis used for the calculation of the index.